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The following information comes from the White House Open Government Innovations Gallery:



Department of Defense

Using Wikis to Rapidly Deliver Technology Innovation to the Military


Defense Solutions

Launch Defense Solutions


The Challenge

The Department of Defense needs to improve its ability to make existing science and technology (S&T) investments accessible and discoverable by Department decision makers. They also need to dramatically improve their ability to keep pace with the vast innovation occurring in industry.


The Solution

By bringing experts and expertise together in both government and industry, DoDTechipedia is making information transparency a reality in finding internal and external technology innovations that address the Department’s capability needs. The DoDTechipedia Family of Services utilizes a wiki-based approach to foster collaboration between the S&T community and the military services and combatant commands. The Department of Defense is also fostering government and industry collaboration to improve overall technology awareness, and is experimenting with innovative procurement approaches that leverage the innovation of industry in addressing immediate military needs.

DoDTechipedia Family of Services currently has 4 Components: DoDTechipedia Limited for internal collaboration on key technologies and our existing S&T investments; a classified version of DoDTechipedia; DefenseSolutions.gov which allows entrepreneurs in industry and academia an easy way to get innovative solutions funded; and a future public version of DoDTechipedia, which, consistent with the framework and guidelines of National Security, will enable informal collaboration between government S&T personnel, large and small companies, research organizations and sole proprietors with emerging technologies and products.


The Benefit

DoDTechipedia levels the playing field to ensure that everyone wtih good ideas, even if they have never worked with the Department of Defense, can share them with decision makers. In addition, DoDTechipedia ensures that Combatant Commands have access to the information they need from the science and technology community to make the best investment decisions. This helps keep both our soldiers and the American people more safe.


Additional Details

DoDTechipedia Limited, which launched in October, 2008, now has over 6400 registrants who have logged over 150,000 page views while creating 30 separate blogs and more than 900 technology area, interest area and organization pages. DefenseSolutions.gov has received 37 innovative ideas on its initial theme area, six of which are now being considered for funding.


For more information, email DoDTechipedia@osd.mil




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