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How Do We get Everyone Interested in OpenGov

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This session took place during the May 24th OpenGov Community Summit hosted by the Department of the Treasury.

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Session Notes

  • When citizen engagement processes are used, keep faith with those users by reporting on how their input was or was not used.
  • Offer incentives that matter (for employees and the public). 
  • Consider co-locating OpenGov staff on "detail/loan" to OMB. There will be great synergy in getting those folks to sit together, work together, and hear each other's ideas.
  • Consider OpenGov ambassadors throughout an agency/department charged with being on top of OpenGov innovations and being a go-to person for staff within their office to incorporate OpenGov principles into a project/event.
  • Educate, educate, educate. Make sure everyone knows what OpenGov is and is not. It's not just about publishing data sets. 


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