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Worst Case Scenario

Page history last edited by Alex Moll 10 years, 4 months ago

(These are notes from the OpenGov Community Summit, hosted by the US Department of the Treasury on May 24, 2010.)

What is the worst case scenario for how will the OpenGov community evolve throughout 2010? (Add your notes below in bullet-point form.)

  • Agencies will not embrace the Open Government idea.
  • Without full knowledge and understanding of the initiative, Agencies will consider this to be a "one time" initiative and will not successfully build it into their work process. 
    • Agencies already have competing 'unfunded mandates' on their desks, therefore, some may wonder, "Why should this particular White House initiative take precedence?
  • For Open Government to succeed, there must be a certain amount of change management within agencies to change the way they do business.  Without knowledge and understanding of the importance of the Open Government concept, this is not likely to happen. 
    • Federal hiring managers will not hire for expertise in organizational development, change management, consulting, IT (technology-empowered public management & data design) or Gov 2.0--all necessary expertise to maintain or further the Open Government Initiative. 
  • The open government policy development space is commandeered or dominated by an iron triangle of vendors, Congressional allies, and self-interested agencies, as so much of policymaking in Washington has been.
  • A security breach can cause federal employees to fear the open government culture. 
  • The pubic/stakeholders will be overwhelmed with too much information; and/or they may not be able to find what they want if Data.gov is not well organized.

  • are over-publicized, agencies will be too cautious. Mistakes and failures must be allowed in order to be agile and learn.

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Candice said

at 2:52 pm on May 25, 2010

A security breach can cause Federal employees to fear the open government culture.

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