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Most Likely Scenario

Page history last edited by Alex Moll 14 years ago

(These are notes from the OpenGov Community Summit, hosted by the US Department of the Treasury on May 24, 2010.)

What is the most likely scenario for how will the OpenGov community evolve throughout 2010? (Add your notes below in bullet-point form.)

  • Some Agencies will embrace the idea of Open Government and do their best to make it successful, while others will do enough to get by. 
  • Domestic regulatory agencies will lead the way, and agencies with national security, programmed spending and law enforcement missions will trail more or less far behind.
  • Potential truncated: Without a baseline of investment into open government innovation, agencies will continue to only use a modicum level of web 2.0 tools and IT to make some data transparent, to collaborate and to hold some interactive conversations with the public.  
  • Adherence to ingrained procedures over time will force employees to accept an over reliance on rules and incentives, rather than the flexibility of showcasing the workplace virtue with the public. See Barry Schwartz TED lecture and imagine applying these lessons to public management.
  • The 'project management triangle' of the Open Government Initiative never grows to an equilateral triangle and remains scalene.
    • The model of triple constraints (i.e. scope, cost, schedule) account for a project's quality and the scope of Open Government Initiative will remain insufficiently limited unless cost and schedule constraints are effectively managed with good employees. 
    • The scope of the Open Government Initiative will continue to fulfill the Open Government Directive goals at mediocre levels of quality.  

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