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Hot potato, hot potato

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The question for this session was "Hot potato, hot potato: How do we embrace ownership for Open Government when cross functional ownership is crucial?"


  • Ownership of Open Government has to be pushed down to the lowest levels.
  • The Open Government Directive provides "cover"/context/rationale for great open and collaborative initiatives already underway. 
  • Open Government is not the mission, it's a way of organizing agency missions 
  • Need to be careful of too much focus on "Compliance" or having a "Check the Box" mindset
  • Stories are critical in communicating success
  • Multiple agendas exist in a cross-functional context. (important to reconcile, or adapt?) 
  • It's not clear if anyone actually owns Open Government (governance not clear)
  • CIO & Public Affairs clearly have a stake 
  • Should Open Government be "push" or "pull" (discussion around value of both, perhaps a hybrid?)
  • Should Open Government be "separate" or "embedded"? (discussion leaned toward embedded/integrated) 
  • Decision making in silo's often result in "least wrong answer" - definitely sub-optimized results - innovation not possible


Concept of community as network introduced


  • Need a place to come together
  • Networks (in this context) are people 
  • Multiple networks exist, overlapping and having "connection" or "integration" points 
  • Open Government Playbook Workshop is a network/community, serving as one such venue for integration. There are others. 
  • Open Government is the integration point for innovation.




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