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Script for the Video Introduction

Page history last edited by Lucas Cioffi 10 years, 5 months ago

Here is the video introduction to this Web site with the script included underneath:


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ALEGRA HASSAN: Hello, and welcome to the Open Government Playbook.  My name is Alegra Hassan from Open Government TV. 

This website is a place for you to share your knowledge and collaborate with others who are working to implement the Open Government Directive.

Successful implementation depends upon our ability to come together as a community of advocates and practitioners and learn from each other. 

The Open Government Playbook is a collection of tactics and strategies for incorporating transparency, participation, and collaboration into government operations.  All material on this website is available through a Creative Commons license which means that you may use it in your own work without copyright restrictions. 

This is a wiki, so you can share your ideas by writing them here, linking to resources and conversations on external websites, or even uploading your own video.  The first set of videos is from the kick-off event which took place in November 2009 in Washington, DC.  We will hold a series of highly engaging conferences throughout 2010 that embody the Directive’s principles of transparency, participation, and collaboration. 

This website is a resource that we will build and edit together.  We welcome your feedback and suggestions for making it even more useful.  The Open Government Directive has created a tremendous opportunity for positive change, and it’s up to us to follow through. 

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