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ECOSYS Education

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ECOSYS Education


A Public Collaboration Forum working on an Agenda for Social Change, focused on Education (K12-P20)


Since August, a group of social innovators has been working on a way to drive public collaboration where there's a need to look at structural problems with complex ecosystems. The challenge we've found is that silo's within many social ecosystems have experienced significant "hardening" with a loss of objective discussion on how to innovate. Yes, local innovation is evident, with Herculean efforts of many practitioners. But the structural problems remain.


While our model can be scaled to investigate challenges in a variety of areas, in October, we selected Public Education as our primary focus. 


We did our prototype collaboration in Oct-Nov 2009 to prove that the model would work, and concluded that our process was viable.


But a key hurdle remained: building a team with diverse viewpoints, a factor that we believe is critical to ensure objectivity in our topical research.  Building this diverse team is fundamentally critical to this project. We knew it could be done. But with the relative newness of Web 2.0 and "social media", we've found that many of the folks we'd been trying to reach were not yet online and engaged.


At least, that's what we thought.


On Monday, Feb 8, our core team was joined by several practitioners, including teachers and administrators, picking up the conversation from all over the US (and Canada) on the topic of "Learning Culture". We still have much to do for ECOSYS Education to be sustainable. But we now believe that our model will not only scale, but it will also be successful.  We are starting to generate the new insights necessary to lay a foundation for social change.


We invite you to see what we're doing.


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For more information, join us. Monday's, 9pET using Twitter.  Meaningful change starts with informed conversation. You are welcome to join ours. 

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