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February Open Government Directive Workshop

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***The next public Open Government Directive Workshop will take place in mid-April, focusing on overcoming cultural barriers to open government and measuring success.***

Preliminary results of the Feb 17, 2010 workshop (final results to be published on Tuesday, Feb 23): Team #1Team #2Team #3Team #4 (online team)video of all four presentations.


Invitation for Feb 17th:

We're excited to put this workshop together with our partners: the General Services Administration, the National Academy of Public AdministrationGovLoop, and the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation.  Alex Moll will be our professional facilitator.  OpenGovTV is providing live streaming video from 2pm-4:30pm during the event on this page.


We have a great program planned.  Building off the January 11th workshop at the US Department of Transportation, we are going to transition from divergent thinking to convergent thinking.  This workshop will be focused on creating specific ideas that agencies can drop into their actual open government plans which are due on April 7th.  Some agencies are farther along than others, so this workshop will help spread good ideas from one agency to the next.


This workshop will be different.
This workshop will be highly productive and engaging.  We are using a framework of competitive collaboration to surface the best ideas.  There will be four teams with fifteen participants each.  Teams will work in separate spaces for four hours and then a few representatives will present the team's work to a panel of judges at the end of the workshop.  Judges will be high-ranking thought leaders from the public sector.




Coffee and networking


Convene all teams in the main room


Teams begin working in breakout rooms




Teams continue work in breakout rooms


Teams present their ideas to the judges in the main room

(streamed live here)




Happy Hour Sponsored by Acquia


How to RSVP

Attending this workshop costs $10 so we can pay for your lunch and coffee (Please pay online here).

Contact Stephen Buckley to join the Online Team which will be meeting on February 17th.


What you can do before the workshop
Whether you will be present or not on February 17th, we would love to have your help in building this list of resources for federal managers who are building their open government plans.  This list will help workshop participants sift through all the useful resources that are already posted across the Web.  Feel free to email your links and documents to notes@opengovplaybook.org  or drop them right into this page on the OpenGov Playbook.
The three volunteer team leaders for the in-person teams are Rachel Lunsford (VA), David Kuehn (DOT) and Chris Jones (Source POV).

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