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Questions about Specific Sections of the OGD

Page history last edited by Lucas Cioffi 10 years, 7 months ago

(This page will be developed by the participants in the Open Government Directive Workshop Series.  You are invited to edit; click the link on the right to request access to this wiki.)  This page is a collection of questions and answers relating to technical barriers to implementation of the Open Government Directive.  This page is a wiki which means that anyone can edit it and contribute their thoughts.  If you are not familiar with editing a wiki, email your question to info@opengovplaybook.org and members of the Open Government community will insert your question for you.


What you can do:

  • Add a question below to the list below, and create a new wiki page for your question (Here is an example).
  • Add a case study or propose an answer to one of the questions (you are encouraged to link to external resources so that the authors get credit and visibility for their great ideas).  There may be many answers/solutions to each question.


List of Questions 

Questions with OGD Section #1:



Questions with OGD Section #2:


Questions with OGD Section #3:


Questions with OGD Section #4:


Questions with OGD Section #5:


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