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How can the OGD work within the current climate of

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This question arises because...


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David Kimball said

at 8:14 pm on Oct 1, 2010

How can the OGD work within the current climate of mistrust and displeasure of our country failing to recognize the sovereignty of other nations? For many years, the US has built a reputation of not recognizing sovereignty to the point that it is one of the biggest reasons people in other countries do not trust the US and feel that the US is one of the leading causes for terror in the world today.

As an example: Drones sent from Afghanistan to Pakistan is a clear, unequivical violation of the sovereignty of Pakistan. I do not want the US killing people (anyone) in Pakistan in my name without the full support of the Pakistani government. This administration claims it wants transparency, but it does not act in a transparent mode regarding the issue of sovereignty of other countries. As a result, I do not trust my own government.

Yet I want to trust it. If our government were to have an open dialogue on the issue of sovereignty, I would feel much better. Instead, it is a closed subject - as closed as any issue in any previous administration. There is no change here and no reason for hope of change.

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