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GovLoop as a Forum

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Issue/Topic:   GovLoop as Forum for OGD


From the Open Government Directive Workshop, January 11, 2010 at the US Department of Transportation


Session Number – Space/Location Letter _2G_ - ____ 

Convener: @KrazyKriz from GovLoop 

Notes-taker: Steve Radick 

"Tags” for the session - Open Government Topics discussed:

Govloop, Opengov, future, social network 




Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:


Neil Bonner, TSA

Steve Radick, Booz Allen

Andy K., GovLoop

Emily Rouch, Web Development Group

Ab Eman, Web Development Group

Mike Mullen, Neighborhood America 


Future of GovLoop?

Does it help meet the requirements of the Open Gov Directive?

How can agencies use it?

Is it ok for employees to use?  









Blue Sky of a Gov Social Network 

  • Folks need to feel comfortable about sharing
  • Can GovLoop get a ToS agreement like the Gov’t has with YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  • What goes on the public network vs. the internal network?
  • Need to share both internally and externally?
  • What level unit should have a FB fan page? How do you determine the level/scalability of collaborative tools? 


Ideal way to report on requirements 

  • Identify the members of the Open Gov Directive teams at the various agencies publicly – put names and people against the initiatives. Need to have people accountable not just orgs.
  • Any dangers to publicly identifying people? 
  • Place where people can vote/comment on the best ideas of all the agencies? Problems with comparing agencies to other agencies? Needs a community manager.
  • Government to citizen engagement and collaboration – is there a cloud service where customers (the public) can go to a website and actually talk with a person online? Live chat?
  • Is there something on all the websites where someone can just ask a question?



We want a face and a name with the process

We want a directory

We want live help

Link people to information and people 

GovLoop has gone in and done some active tagging of content related to the Open Gov initiative.


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