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GovLoop Discussions

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GovLoop is the largest social network for government, connecting over 20,000 federal, state and local employees, contractors, and academics.  During the workshop series we will be using the discussion tools on GovLoop to dive deeper into many discussions about



Transparency Discussions on GovLoop:


Participation Discussions on GovLoop:


Collaboration Discussions on GovLoop:


Discussions about Implementing the Open Government Directive:


General OpenGov Discussions on GovLoop:


Groups on GovLoop

  • The Open Government Directive Workshop Group on GovLoop is the official group for attendees of the workshop.  This will enable folks to connect with each other online if they were not abel to connect in person.
  • OpenGov21: Enabling Collaboration: This group aggregates news and information about the Open Government Directive and the Open Government organization in the White House.
  • Government 2.0 Club: Government 2.0 Club is an informal organization focused on convening the tribe of technologists and thinkers focused on applying social technologies to the governments worldwide.
  • Gov Consultants 2.0Those with a keen interest in better serving our government customers by leveraging "web 2.0" technologies.
  • Local Governments: This group is for city, county, town, village, and other local government employees. Lots of GovLoop Groups focus on the Federal Government, but this group is for Local Government. Come here to discuss issues facing local governments.
  • Healthy Citizen Communication: This group enables cross-agency dialogue regarding the dissemination of health-related messaging to the public, including the creation of a document that highlights best practices, lesson learned and recommendations/templates.


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